Six Pillars of Modern Policing

Quentin's policy platform is based on six pillars of modern policing and mirrors a report from President Obama's task force on 21st Century policing.

Read the full implementation report here. 

Quentin believes it's important to bring modern policing techniques to Buncombe County in order to strengthen community policing and increase accountability and public safety.

Responding to the Opioids Epidemic

I’m proud to have been the first APD officer on the Drug Treatment Court. From that experience I know we cannot arrest our way out of this problem.

Treatment options must be an alternative to incarceration for non-violent individuals. Also we must work to educate our community about how addictive and dangerous pain pills are.

There are no easy answers to this crisis. It will take a community response to begin to tackle this and it will take years. We cannot pretend that issues of addiction and disease can be solved overnight.

De-escalation Training

“Every officer must be empowered with the necessary training to keep our staff and community safe. That means consistent de-escalation training and ongoing support for all deputies. De-escalation is a proven tactic to make policing safer for the public and for officers. This element of a training program helps deputies assess potentially dangerous situations and minimize the risk of harm for everyone involved.” - Quentin Miller


Let me be absolutely clear on this – I will not sign an 287g agreement with ICE and I won’t waffle on that.  

The fact that people who are picked up by ICE can be detained without counsel, I disagree with that.

The fact that they can be held indefinitely, I disagree with that.

Let me also say I support DREAMers. We’re better off because we have these brave young folks contributing to our nation.

Gun Control

Here are my policies and priorities on gun control:

1) Renewal of 1994 ban on Assault weapons, it expired in 2008. 

2) Universal background check to close both the gun show and internet sales loopholes.

3) We must get guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and other violent criminals.

4) A two-week waiting period on purchases.

5) Raise the age to 21 for purchases.

6) More funding for school counselors so that we can get students the help they need prior to committing these horrific acts.

I pledge to advocate for and demand that our elected officials at the state and federal level pass these laws.

Medical Marijuana

If people are suffering because of cancer or other medical conditions and can be helped by the use of marijuana after consulting with a doctor, I believe they should have access to this method of pain treatment.

It is important that people realize that the Sheriff does not write laws, but I can and will publicly advocate for medical marijuana if I’m elected.