Carol Peterson Endorses Quentin Miller for Buncombe County Sheriff

Former Buncombe County Commissioner Carol Peterson is endorsing Quentin Miller in his bid for the Sheriff’s office.

“Quentin is well qualified to be Sheriff. He has completed 30 successful years in law enforcement. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the US Army. He is a native of Asheville and Buncombe County and knows the history and Citizens of the area. He has been successful in every aspect of his personal and professional development,” says Peterson.

Quentin has know Commissioner Peterson and her husband Bruce Peterson since Quentin was a high school student. Quentin played football for Coach Peterson at Asheville High and to this day, Quentin refers to Mr. Peterson as "Coach Pete."

“As a county commissioner Carol worked hard to serve all members of our community, protect the natural beauty of Buncombe County and bring good-paying jobs to our community. I will bring that same dedication to the Sheriff’s office and I’m humbled to have her endorsement and support,” says Miller.

“I met Coach Pete my sophomore year of high school and he has been a father figure to me ever since. I have sought his counsel even during the times I was stationed far away from Asheville when I was in the Army,” says Miller.

Mr. Peterson retired as Principal of Enka High in 1995.

Bruce and Carol Peterson with Gov Cooper.jpg

(Bruce and Carol Peterson with Governor Cooper.)