Sheneika Smith, Brian Haynes endorse Quentin for Sheriff

Two Asheville city council members and a Black Mountain alderman have endorsed Quentin Miller in the Sheriff’s race.

Sheneika Smith, Brian Haynes and Carlos Showers join the list of current and former elected officials supporting Miller.

“These past few months have been filled with challenges for Buncombe County. Challenges concerning our confidence, belief and trust in our institutions and the stewards of those institutions. Like most members of our county community, in times of challenge and tragedy I lean on my belief in the better angels of our collective conscious. That belief is personified by Quentin Miller. A staunch advocate and guardian as a sergeant of the Asheville police department he has proven time and time again that he is a community leader that places the emphasis on the community not himself. A foster parent for over 100 children he’s shown that he’s willing to put the hard work in toward change one relationship at a time. My admiration isn’t limited to his personal character though. His policy platform reinforces the fierce and firm advocacy for justice and equity that shines through in his personality. Particularly his endorsement of the six pillars of modern policing, de-escalation training plan and commitment to recruit minority officers for our county. Buncombe County needs a sheriff that sees the challenges of our region as opportunities to build bridges toward a stronger and safer community. Quentin Miller is that man,” says Smith.

The full list of endorsements for Miller:

  • Patsy Keever, former state Representative, Buncombe County Commissioner and chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party

  • Drew Reisinger, Register of Deeds

  • Carol Peterson, former Buncombe County Commissioner

  • Carlos Showers, Black Mountain Alderman

  • Sheneika Smith, current Asheville city council member

  • Keith Young, current Asheville city council member

  • Brian Haynes, current Asheville city council member

  • Leni Sitnick, former Asheville Mayor

  • Jacquelyn Hallum, former Board Chair of Asheville city schools